The Complete Guide to Windows Update Cache Cleaning


windows update cache clean

A Step-by-Step Guide to Cleaning Windows Update Cache

To provide consumers more control, Windows Update has become nearly fully automated, relying on active hours, customised restarts, and manual pauses. However, there is one aspect of Windows Update that requires your attention: the old files that are still present. They have a tendency to take up a lot of storage.
This article will guide you on how to delete Windows update history and clean the cache in Windows 10.
This method can be used on any windows version to clean windows update cache files.

To clean windows update cache you need to do certain steps

  1. open Start menu and type disk cleanup

  2. Select drive c "Your windows Drive" and click ok

    it's scanning your c drive now

  3. now click on cleanup System files to clean windows update cache files 

  4. select drive c again and click ok
  5. it will scan your system files including all windows update cache files
  6. if you have any files like dll, temporary files, download files, windows update cache files it will appear here and you can clean it by just clicking on "ok"
  7. click on delete files and your windows update cache will be deleted successfully

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