How to make your PC Desktop look more Aesthetic?

What are the Benefits of Changing Windows look?

Your experience will be pretty good out of the box, so Windows 10 gives you multiple options for customizing your PC.

How to Create Your Own Windows Theme?

By these steps, you can change your windows color by choosing the one that you would like.

            Step 1: Open your Settings

Step 2: Choose Personalize

 Step 3: At the menu on the left, there is option called “Colors”

Step 4: Choose your color that you love

 Once you custom “Accent Color”, it’s time for choosing high-quality wallpaper to match the color you choose. The more appealing the wallpaper, the more appealing the entire desktop. Wallpaper is a simple  way to improve the appearance of your pc 

Here it is some cool website that provide 4K wallpaper:

  1. Pexels
  2. Unsplash     

You can also use live wallpaper to make it more Attractive, with this tool you can custom any high-quality video as live wallpaper  ( 
lively wallpaper ) 

You can also change your Icon. Everything You Need to Know about Windows Icon and How to Change Them is here. 

You also have the ability to change the look of Windows and make it more modern by download new themes

Best Windows Themes Available for you:

Here it is a tool that called “7tsp” to help you to install your themes: download

Here it is some cool website that have modern themes for your pc:

Top themes at it:

1. Sweet Paranoia

2. Joyful

3. Fetch

4. Space Blueberries



Top themes at it:

1. Myhalloween

2. Avengers

3. Ubuntu dark

4. Deadspace

5.Macos black


Rainmeter allows you to display skins on your desktop that are completely customizable, ranging

from hardware usage metres to fully functional audio visualizers. You can add cool shape of (clock+ 

song player + weather data....etc)

At these websites, you can find nice skin:

1. Deviantart Or gallery

2. Skinpacks

3. Rainmeter-skins

4. Visualskins

Also, here it’s some recommend skins:


1. ASTRO Weather

2. Sonder Rainmeter

3. Ultralight

4. Patrick Muff-s Color Flow

5. Beta Clock


1.Small Clean Weather


to make it seem new, you can use this tool to help you


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