How to Add Anti-Ad Blockers to Blogger Blogs 2021 - Detect Ad Blockers


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How Does Adblock Work

Ad blockers are browser extensions or plugins that prevent advertisements from appearing on webpages. You may have observed blank areas on certain webpages if you have installed ad blockers as a user. Ads were supposed to be displayed in these empty spots. However, your adblocker has now blocked them, leaving you with blank pages.

AdBlock uses filter rules to determine what to block, conceal, and allow to show on the web pages you visit (in the case of allowlisted sites). Every HTTP (web page) request is compared to the filter lists you've subscribed to, as well as any custom filters you've set. The request is blocked and the resource is not downloaded if the URL (web address) of the request matches one of the filters.
Using data:image/png; to encode an image is a standard means of displaying advertising. This technique does not send a standard HTTP request. 

As soon as a page loads in the browser, the adblocker kicks in. Assume a user's browser has an ad blocker installed. He's surfing the web and creates an ad-supported web page. This is when an ad blocker's job begins. The ad blocker searches the website for scripts in a matter of seconds. These scripts are then matched to a database of advertising scripts. The ad blocker will prevent any of the website scripts from being displayed if they match the ad scripts.

so, You may be generating a lot of money by displaying advertisements on your website. However, if ad blockers were not used, you could make even more money. adblock will really kill your earnings, here is a solution for you to add Anti-Ad Blockers to Blogger Blogs 2021 and Detect Ad Blockers

How To Disable Adblocker In Blogger 2021

There are some simple steps you need to do in order to enable anti adblocker for your blogger blog

  1. Head to your blogger settings Dashboard

  2. Go To Theme Tab

  3. click on edit HTML

  4. add this script right after <head> tag
    Now Save your HTML Code and try to enter with adblocker
    You will see disable adblocker panel opened up

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