Best Android 12 features that will blow your mind


android 12

What is Android 12?

Android 12 features a brand new UI that's more personal than ever before, with new capabilities that allow you to transform your android 12 experience based on the wallpaper and responsive motion.

Android 12 brings a new level of customization to the user interface, with a variety of new colors and patterns that can be customized to fit your needs.

With Android 12's Color Bar, you can easily transform your Pixel wallpaper and the entire Android experience to match.

With the kindness of Material You, Android 12 brings  visual makeovers, new widgets, and improved privacy. At first glance, the latest versions of Android may all look like a fresh paint job. However, that's not really the case, as Android 12 has a lot of new features to try.

What are the 10 Best Features of the New OS?

Wallpaper dynamic UX Theming

The new theming engine for Android 12 is called monet, The engine draws colors from the  applied background image and uses them throughout the user interface and system accents for theme setting purposes. To further enhance the experience, colors will also be applied to apps that have been updated to support the theme engine. 

 Android 12's dynamic theme engine makes your phone more alive, Just change the landscape and you can paint everything fresh.

android 12 dynamic theme

According to Google, the color extraction system uses a clustering algorithm with a material color target to determine  dominant and non-dominant colors and apply hues to match the background image. With a rich palette of 5 colors (2 neutral colors and 3 accent colors) and 12 material shades, you can  determine the shade that most closely matches your wallpaper. The app can then take Android system colors from the index into the color palette and use them in a variety of subtle ways. Widgets can also use the color extraction feature to blend in with the user's theme on the home screen. As of 

, this feature isn't immediately available to end users, but it's included in the build and can be turned on with a little tweaking. However, this feature is immediately available in Beta2.

The new material You

Material You is one of the biggest changes in Android 12. Material You, leaked as Material NEXT in the past, is the next iteration of Material Design. This design language is not limited to Android and will be introduced on various Google services. But for Android, this is one of the major visual overhauls that the operating system has seen over the years. Much emphasis is placed on color and customization so that users can choose their own  swatches, contrasts, element sizes, line widths and more.

Material you

Privacy Dashboard

android 12 will come with a new dashboard for privacy, This will give you an overview of  apps that have accessed your location data, camera, microphone and other  permissions in the last 24 hours. If your app uses certain permissions, you'll see a complete breakdown in minutes. If the  app  installed  on your 

 device is silently tracking you or paranoid about eavesdropping on conversations, you can use the Privacy Dashboard to see if this is correct.

Conversation Widget

Google has radically redesigned the widget on Android 12 and added a working conversation widget. Widgets give you one-tap access to the most common conversations, no matter which app you're using. The  Android 12 Beta 2 conversation widget displays a  profile picture, contact name, last message icon  or content. However, we know that certain text in the message can trigger a change in the background of the conversation widget. When a user receives a message with two or more exclamation marks, the widget background suddenly fills with translucent exclamation marks. If the 

  message contains more than one exclamation mark, I've verified that the conversation widget actually changes the background. We also found that repeated use of emoji can change the background if the message contains more than one question mark, or if there is a mixture of question marks and exclamation marks.

Gaming Dashboard

The Game Dashboard is now a Pixel-specific Android 12 feature aimed at enhancing the gaming experience by overlaying key tools and information such as game recording, streaming game sessions on YouTube, and live FPS counters. It is said that. How your mobile phone works. 
 You can also choose from  three different game profiles: Performance, Standard, and Energy Saving Mode, depending on your requirements. However, this particular feature  only works for games that have been updated to take advantage of the new  Android 12 API.

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