How to activate windows 10

In this tutorial, I will show you how to activate windows in 1 minute:
welcome to this New Post Of How To Activate windows 10
i will show you how can you activate Windows 10 in less than one minute
you won't use any kind of software we will activate windows 10 using CMD only 

1.     1. Copy this code

2.   2. Save it at “New Text Document.txt”

3.     3. In file tab choose Save As

4.     4. Rename the file “one click.cmd” and save it

5.     5. A new file will appear in the place that you save it

6.     6. Open the file by right click in it and choose “Run as administrator”

7.     7. Just wait while it open and it will activate windows by if self

Now the windows has been activated successfully

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