How To Install Android 10 On Pc

How To Install Android 10 On Pc

How To Install Android 10 On Pc

Many People nowadays use even android emulator or android os on their pc to play android games Like Pubg Mobile that are getting better and better

Recently os ROMs team made a new os based on android 10 which works really fine on low end PC's and run games really smoothly

The deffirence between android emulators and android os's is really obvious
Android emulator runs like any program on windows with the other tasks in the background and this slow it down
In the other hand android os's use all of your pc resources to give you the best performance

in this video, I will show you how can you download Bliss Os 12 On your pc and install it

Now I Will Leave You With the Video:

The Official Website: here

The Code: readtheop: They May Change It

The Download Link ( They May Change It ): Bliss Os 12

Power Iso: Download

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  1. can we also install android 8.1 using this technique ??

  2. New Updated Link