Top 10 apps for rooted devices

Root Apps

One of the things that Android system has and makes it the best among operating systems working on smartphones is that the user can get more powers than the phone manufacturer gives him, and to be able to get these powers he needs to do a process called Root and what makes it interesting and fun is There are some applications that need Root privileges and play effective roles in helping the user to manage his phone as he wants and even modify it.

In this article, we recommend to you the 10 best apps that need root permission and will definitely help you to manage and modify the phone.

IN this video i am going to show you the top 10 root apps for rooted devices\ Enjoy the video, please

Links: Migrate: wpsapp: adaway: karnel adiutor: xbooster: apps2sd: system app remover: permission ruler: netcut: recovery reboot:

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