Microsoft XBox Series X

XBOX series X

Microsoft has just published a video about the new generation of its product Xbox which will come with this new name: Xbox Series X.

New Microsoft Xbox Series x

This Gen Looks Really different from the previous versions as in the video, it really looks like pcs.

But What Really Matters is the performance of this new console, Phil spencer the Microsoft's Xbox chief said that it will come with 4x processing performance of Xbox one.

The new microsoft series x

Coming With A Custom Designed Cpu From Amd zen 2 And Radeon RDNA Arch. And Xbox Series X Would Come with SDD Included Which will really affect the performance. It Will Include Auto Low Latency Mode And Dynamic Latency Input, Which will make it really responsive gaming device

They mentioned that it will support 4k at 60 and 120 fps, and it will handle 8k too, Coming With RayTracing Technology Which is no doubt the best point of this new console device.

The New Microsoft Series X

New Controller.

They Announced a new wireless Xbox controller which will work on both windows 10 pcs and Xbox devices, it will come with additional buttons to do several things like taking screenshots and screen-capturing video, the size of it is resizes so it can fit more people than the other versions.

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