Best photo editor for android and ios

The best photo editor for android and ios

best photo editing app for android 2019

There are plenty of photo editing apps available on play store or app store, and actually, there are some apps that are really powerful, but what about launching photoshop pc version on android.

When Comparing Photoshop pc version to picsart, photoshop express, lightroom, Etc
these apps have no chance against photoshop pc version with all its tools and all its uses.

You might have thought that today I am going to show you an app, But Actually, it is not an app.
It is an online Tool Called Photopea

I have mentioned it before on my top 4 alternatives to photoshop video.

this tool was designed mainly for desktop browser, not mobile browsers, but I think if they have noticed that there is plenty of mobile users coming they would improve the experience at mobile versions.

If you are a photoshop user you won't take more than 10 minutes to figure out everything as I said it is just like photoshop.

This tool is 100% free, and it allows you to access photoshop pc versions as you gonna see in the video below, and I highly recommend this tool for everybody even if you are not a photoshop user.

Now Leave you with the video.

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