Why Xiaomi Devices are cheaper

Why Xiaomi Devices Are Not Expensive?

Why Xiaomi Devices Are Cheaper

Xiaomi Was Founded in April 2010 and it was a software-only company that creates a new rom based on google's android.

after a while, in 2011 they announced their first phone as an entry to the hardware manufacturing world.

They Released MI One Phone.

As one of the users of this company phones ( poco f1 ) I really was confused about how this great performance phone with this price, so I made some searches and came back to you with the following.

Why Xiaomi Devices Are Cheap.

  • No Advertising.
  • Zero Profit.
  • Online Selling only.
  • Great PartnerShips.
  • make their own software
  • high distribution

Xiaomi does not believe in spammy promotions like what other companies do.

They always make use of social media and mouth to mouth promotions.
They just impress people with their products then every influencer speaks about their new phone, every tech YouTuber, everyone who just knows what phone is consisted of.

They do not earn a lot from selling their devices as you know it is cheap, but how they earn money?
The way they earn money is just by the apps you have on your xiaomi device which are in your system that they created themselves.

these apps contain ads that come with really huge amounts of money to them.
Xiaomi has about 8 million active users, Imagine how much would they get.
Another Thing You Should know that xiaomi was the first company to sell its devices online, Most of their business is online which really saves a lot of money they use mi store and they distribute to a lot of other third-party retailers.

Xiaomi has its great partnership with companies like Qualcomm, Qualcomm is a mobile processor or soc manufacturer, having a partnership with a company like Qualcomm makes it costs really less.

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