Top 10 Apps Created By Google This Year 2019

Top 10 google apps made in 2019

New apps made by google in 2019

1-Gallery Go

Photo gallery app capable of organizing your photos without the need for an internet connection. Designed specifically for developing countries, this app can edit photos automatically and does not pose any privacy risk, as operations are performed locally and do not pass through Google’s servers.

This accessibility app was introduced during Google I / O 2019 for deaf and hard of hearing users, although it can be used by all users. The operation is very simple: it records in real-time the words and sounds of the environment and allows writing on the screen.

One of the most notable 9 features of Android 10 is the loudspeaker, which is also available as an app in the Google Play Store. This tool is responsible for improving the sound of your phone by filtering, increasing and amplifying real-world sounds, which reduces noise so you can listen better.

Another app of the apps Google has created for the social welfare of users, it is responsible for blocking most of the apps on your phone so you can only use the most important apps.

If something especially worried Google about this year, it was the digital luxury. In fact, the company launched 5 apps for you to separate you from the mobile phone. One of them is Unlock Clock, which makes you think about the time you spend with the phone as it shows you how many times you unlock the device at the end of the day.


It was also launched in 2019 and the like Desert Island. However, when apps are blocked, you can choose which apps you'll need every moment of the day. For example, if you know you need a WhatsApp app, you can configure it to access this app only while you're working.


This application is responsible for encouraging primary school children to read. As cool features, this Google app encourages kids to read aloud, help them when they have problems and encourage them when they are feeling well.

Google is interested in owners of a limited internet connection, which is why it launched Google Go as a lightweight version of its search engine. At just 7MB in weight, this search engine works even when the network connection is unstable.

If you don't like the bienestar digital app, you can try We Flip, which is geared towards separating the technology in the group. To do this, the app must be installed on all member's devices. When this is the case, the switch will appear on screens that must be activated to initiate a digital disconnect session. Once someone decides to leave, so do the rest of the participants, who can see how the experiment went through with informational data.

This app is also designed for digital well-being and is responsible for collecting all, logos on your phone and displaying them at the time you choose. This way, you don't always wait to see the notifications you receive. In addition, the app can organize notifications by categories and send them in groups several times a day.

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