TIPS To Make Windows Faster

How to make windows 10 faster

how to speed up windows 10 tips to speed up windows

Windows 10 is being used by over 700 million devices, and a lot of people regularly complain about some lags that cause their windows to be slower, so here are some tips to speed up your windows for better performance.

1. Manage your startup application list.

managing startup applications is really important and really effective especially for startup time.

And it simply shows you the applications that launch while starting windows.

To Access Startup Menu > ( open task manager by clicking alt+ctrl+del, then head to startup panel ).

For me, I don't find any necessary programs to startup with windows as u see in the picture except the Realtek audio manager, all the other stuff I will use only when I want to.

2. Run Disk Cleanup

This tool instead of helping you free up space on your pc, it will help you speed up windows,

 as it will remove a lot of unnecessary files from your windows folder, that will help your windows to treat with fewer files,

 which will improve the performance of your windows eventually.

To Run This Tool, Open start menu, Then Type disk cleanup.

Then it will ask you which partition you want to clean, choose [c], this task would take a while and after this, this window will appear.

Now Click on clean up system files and leave it for a while.

3. Enable High-Performance Plan

Most People are using their pc or laptop on power-saving mode, which really affects the performance of your pc or your windows,

For more performance, we have to select balanced or high-performance mode

To change the mode, Go to Control Panel then power options, and select high-performance mode to get the best result.

4. Disable Windows Tips And Tricks

As a windows user, Microsoft tries to give you the best experience with their windows os, But as it works in the background, it takes some of the performance of your computer, so just we are going to disable windows tips and tricks system by doing :

1-Click on Start Button
2-Open Settings Then system Settings
3-Go To Notifications and actions 
4-Then Make Show me tips about windows off

5. Clean Registry Files

Cleaning Registry Files Is Really Necessary Especially If You Like To Try New Programs Like Me,

Registry Files are Kind Of System Files That Helps Windows On Almost All Operations, Programs too.

Every program you install on your machine has some registry files with it required to run.

But The Point Here Is: How Many Times You Have Uninstalled A Program from Your Pc?

Every Program as I typed has some registry files which work on the background when you uninstall this program the registry files that this program requires stay on your device for no reason.

Cleaning the registry files is not an easy task and you need to be accurate and not to remove any necessary file, so we are going to use cleaning tool.

The Best Program For This Is CCleaner.

But Make sure You Backup Your files with any backup tool in case anything goes wrong.


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