10 useful free software for pc


top 10 pc software for free

The Best software list I brought for you today is a list of the programs i always use on my computer and it really improves my experience on my pc 

This tool is really wonderful and it will help you if you have just installed new windows on your computer.

this tool allows you to install many necessary apps together just by selecting them and click on download.

it has the most used apps like Winrar, browsers, net framework, Malwarebytes,.....etc.

using it is so easy just select the apps or programs you want then click on get your ninite and it will download and application which contains all the programs you just selected.

One of the most common methods to protect yourself from ( malware, adware, and spyware ) is to use Malwarebytes,  it is an open-source application which allows you to ( check malware - clean your pc - protects you against online scammers - secures your pc, files, and privacy ).

nowadays ransomware is really common and it may catch you, and if it did so, you will lose all your files till you pay for the attacker, so I really recommend this software for anybody.

Discord is designed for gamers mainly, but of course, anybody can use it

Discord is an opensource pc program allows you to make ( voice chat - texting chat ) with your friends 

all you need to do just is to download it on your pc and your friend should install it to, then add each other as friends and start chatting 

It is available for android too 

If You have a bad internet connection you have to use selfishnet as it allows you to control your network easily, know how much data other users use, limit internet connection for them
the requirements is just to install winpcap ( attached with the file ) and you have to install net framework 4.

Another Internet controlling software but this time is not for controlling users' connection speed,
this software allows you to limit the internet for a specific program.

so let us say you are playing a game and want to download anything from the browser and browser have no speed limiting system, this software will help you for that, and this is the main reason I have downloaded this software, and it really helps me browsing while downloading too

so I really recommend it for you if you do a lot of multitasking on the internet.

obs studio is really the most advanced free screen recorder and streaming software.

this software is designed for streamers mainly and it has a really good interface and too many overlays and presets

it allows you to control everything while streaming, adding overlays ( like your logo ) and other features


Gimp is an open-source photo editor that I have spoken about before on this blog, gimp allows you to carry out professional edits on your photos, the interface is pretty good, that if you are a photoshop user, you won't take a lot of time to use this software

the developers provide us with some interesting plugins and all for free.

rainmeter is the most powerful free desktop customization software,
as you can see in the photo it allows you to download themes for free to your windows,
and I have used this tool on one of my videos before that will help you understand what is this program made for :


from its name, I guess you knew what it is for.
if you use your computer too much just like what I do you have to use this tool,
I have tried a lot of tools but none of them gave me the result I want.
I really recommend it.

when anybody tells you that filmora9 is really easy software for video edditting and you can learn it from only one video, trust him, it is the truth.

in my openion filmora9 is the best choice for anybody who want to start in youtube, youtube actually is just a matter of time, the earlier you are, the better you will get and more experience you will gain

And here is a tutorial if you want to learn how to use it 

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