Top 4 Free Alternatives To Photoshop

Top 4 Photoshop Alternatives

Using Photoshop Is One Of The Common Things People Do On Their Computers What Ever For Business Or Just For Just Some Fun Like What I Am Doing 

So In This Article, I am going to show you the best free alternatives to photoshop

Top Alternatives To Photoshop List:


Gimp Is A Really Powerful Photo editing software that can be a replacement for photoshop,

it has almost all photoshop tools,
it has really easy interface as if you are a photoshop user you can use this software easily just after some minutes,

They Provide Really Good Plugins For Free,
And You Gonna Find A lot Of Tutorials On The Internet About This Guy
And Eventually, it is freeware.

Photopia is an online photo editor that is well developed to provide photoshop experience for free and on the go,

the most thing that impressed me about this tool is that it works properly on mobile phones so you can carry out professional edits just by your mobile phone you just need some knowledge about photoshop and internet connection 

You can import files from your pc or mobile, you can do anything that you can do with photoshop.

moving on with another online photo editing tool, this one is not professional like the previous two or like photoshop,

this one allows you to do really good edits on your photo to make it look better like filters, face retouching, adjustments, cropping, adding text, 

removing background, and adding other photos
but it still great for on the go edits and non professional purposes.

another online video editor that I really like and this time it is a chrome extension

this one would help you handle some edits that are not so professional just like the previous tool

if you want to know more about these tools watch this video :


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