How To Make Lyrics Videos with filmora 9

make lyric videos with filmora 9 easy way

HOW To Make Lyric Videos

A lot Of people earn a lot from making lyrics videos on YouTube, and it is so easy to make lyrics videos as i will show you right now but, there are couple of things you should put in your mind

First Thing First: The Copyright

as you might know, youtube really care about copyrighting and if they caught you 3 times your channel would be terminated totally.

So How They Earn From Lyrics Videos Without Copyright?

there are a lot of authors publish copyrighted free music like neffex

as you see there is "Copyright Free" in titles of the music videos, that mean that you can use these music for free without asking them for it or paying anything to make lyrics videos and earn from

Through this you can earn really good amounts of money.

And there are non copyrighted free music that you have to ask author for using them and pay some money sometimes.

So What i recommend you to do is this:
1-make non copyrighted music lyrics videos ( Just Search You Gonna Find A lot )
2-gain some money and grow up your business 
3-then buy copyrighted music

Now Lets Move To How To Make Lyrics Videos With Filmora9 Section

Actually i made a video before about this and i don't thing that adding some pictures and captions would make it clear.
so here is the video 



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